Frequently Asked Questions

What is Live Chat Support?

• Live Chat Support is a platform/system add-on that gives a website a chat feature for direct user-to-business interactions

What is the purpose of Live Chat Support?

• The main purpose is to provide immediate assistance to website users and to address concerns, questions or guidance to customers

What is the difference between the two packages?

• There are two packages that Live Chat Support offers.
i. An operations package (Package 1) which provides the platform used for chat, the customisation/designof the chat box appearance to keep with the theme of the website and the Operators that will handle customer chat messages
ii. A Platform Package (Package 2) that offers the platform used for chat and the customisation/design of the chat box appearance to keep with the theme of the website WITHOUT the Operators that will handle customer chat messages

I paid for the Operations Package (Package 1). Now I’m being asked to select between various “Interaction Credits”; why?

• The Operations Package offers a lower rate for the Platform use but requires operators/staff to answer messages. To cover the cost of using chat representatives, interaction credits are required. These credits have no expiration and are fully consumable as long as the monthly platform fee is paid for.

What if the interaction credits are consumed?

• Interaction credits are required for our operators to answer customer chats. Once the credits go below a specific amount, a notification message is sent to the client. A notification message will also be sent when the credits are fully depleted. Renewal may be done via the link provided in the notification or by purchasing additional credits through the Live Chat Support website.

Can I use Live Chat Support for promotions and advertising?

• As long as there is no breach in the agreed usage of Live Chat Support, the Client may use the service as based on active agreements and also abide by the Terms & Conditions indicated in the Live Chat Support website